What is your goal


“digital technology has changed how customers search, buy, and interact with businesses.”

we believe in the golden rule that any effective marketing campaign should only aim, to achieve a single goal. at revX our marketing campaigns are only ever concerned with one of three goals:

1. awareness
this is typically the first stepping stone for products and solutions that are newly introduced to the market. an awareness campaign is a sustained effort to boost public awareness about your products and solutions. raising overall brand awareness. This also allows new potential client contacts to be identified.

2. consideration
as the name suggests, customers are considering purchasing your product or service to satisfy a specific need that they currently have. consideration campaigns typically aim to convince potential customers that they have come to the right place and how you are better than your competitors.

3. conversion
The final stage of a consumer’s purchasing journey is conversion. this is achieved by converting potential clients into actual clients. here we focus less on educating customers and more on promoting your solutions.

no matter what the current stage of your product or solution’s marketing life cycle, revX can help you construct and execute the right campaign for you.