Get your ads seen using revX's AI Tech


revX offers a number of bespoke digital marketing solutions to our client. a new service offering includes AI-driven lead filtering and verification.

this particular technology is helpful in the insurance, real-estate and financial industries. AI lead filtering plays a crucial role in providing businesses with high-quality leads while simultaneously reducing the need for unnecessary manpower in call centres. by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques, AI lead filtering helps insurance companies optimise their lead generation process and identify prospects that are more likely to convert into valuable clients.

instead of wasting time and resources on pursuing unproductive leads, call-centre staff can concentrate their efforts on qualified leads that have been authenticated through our AI verification systems. this targeted approach significantly increases the efficiency and protects your company against spam/bot leads.

at revX, we offer lead verification services to help you validate and confirm the information you have collected. our team of experts use an automated 19 step process to verify lead information.

revX prides itself on harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence to drive sales and iteratively decrease customer acquisition cost for our clients. contact our team today to learn more.