we had the opportunity to meet Nick Ward, who leads Global Sales and Partnerships for Laundryheap in the UK. Nick has extensive experience in sales and marketing. it was fascinating to get his insight into what it takes to build a successful consumer brand, and how his team uses ChatGPT and other AI tools as part of their marketing efforts.

Laundryheap is a leading on-demand laundry service that has experienced explosive growth in multiple locations, globally. the company is targeting the Global Online Laundry Services Market, which is projected to grow by 28.4% CAGR and reach $110.1 billion, by 2028.

When asking Nick how he envisions a good brand he states that a brand should be built on 4 fundamental pillars. A brand should be visually appealing, stand for something that consumers care about, have a personality that is relevant to the offering, and be consistent.
Nick elaborated that communication needs to be clear about what the brand does and why it does it. brands need to consistently build trust with their customers as well as offer good customer service in order to effectively solve their problems. furthermore, a brand needs to be believable, authentic, and easy to understand. Laundryheap has been very successful in creating a brand with these key principles in mind. they have stuck to their core without diversifying their product or geography, unless prompted by a genuine reason to do so.

“building a consumer brand is harder than you think,” says Nick. “the logo is not the brand. your brand is what people say about your business, how they describe you. it doesn’t matter what you think your business is about; it’s what others are getting from your messaging and telling people that really matters – this is what you have effectively communicated. it’s very difficult to make sure you’re communicating the right message and then getting it to lots of people.”

Nick believes that ChatGPT and other AI tools are powerful in the marketing space, and their team is already utilising ChatGPT to augment their content generation efforts. this allows them to push out far more high-quality content than ever before. it also allows them to more effectively A/B test marketing campaigns and generate many permutations of text elements in a fraction of the time.

Nick believes that the power of these types of tools lies not only in knowing how to use them to do current activities more efficiently and effectively, but in helping to develop new approaches and perspectives towards completing tasks in the future. these tools are challenging the status quo which ultimately calls for reviewing business practises from the ground up.

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