Linked In AI


LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. it is the most effective social media platform for b2b lead generation, as 80% of social media b2b leads come from LinkedIn. here are five reasons why revX recommends companies use a LinkedIn campaign for their b2b marketing:

decision makers are highly active: LinkedIn has more than 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision makers. they are more likely to engage with relevant and valuable content on LinkedIn than on other platforms.

display ads directly to decision makers: LinkedIn allows you to target your ads based on various criteria.

skills-based lead qualification: LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your expertise and credibility through your profile, content, and recommendations.

detailed demographic insights: LinkedIn provides you with rich and accurate data about your audience. you can use this data to optimise your marketing strategy and tailor your content and offers to their needs and interests.

favourable pricing structure: LinkedIn offers various pricing options for its advertising solutions, such as cost per click, cost per impression, cost per send, and cost per lead. you can choose the option that best suits your goals and budget. you can also control your spending by setting daily and monthly limits. if you want to learn more about how to run a successful campaign contact revX for your digital marketing.